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Country: Ukraine (Ukrainian: Ukrajina)


Climate: temperate continental, subtropical in the southern part of the Crimean peninsula


Location: between 22 degrees and 40 degrees east longitude and 45 degrees and 52 degrees north latitude


Neighbors: Poland, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, 1355 kilometers Black Sea coast


Geography: In the West the mountains of the Carpathian Mountains (up to 2000 m) dominate  the landscape, on the southern peninsula of Crimea, the Crimean mountains (up to 1500 m). The rest of the country's flat or slightly hilly. In the wooded north, to south-east up the hill to steppe. In the South, over 1,000 kilometers of coastline on the Black Sea. The Dnipro (Dnieper) flows through the country from North to South.


Land Area: 603,700 square kilometers (the largest country in Europe, after Russia)